Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Amazonian frog

Today has mostly been spent napping. Yawn. Just had a big glass of the good old diet coke and then some lemonade so hopefully I will make it to the end of this blog without falling asleep on the keyboard.

Mama is away this week, so its just me and Daddy Pig hanging out. Keeping things real. Fa shizz. I knew I wouldn't feel safe being left in the house alone today so I took a little road trip down to Wells with Pa...

Oh I'm so distracted by my beautiful nails.  They really do look incredibly dazzling. They have the wow factor. They tick all the boxes (why do people on those house programmes always say that, its so annoying.) Yeah. Really. They do.

 The lovely Miss Prescott, Miss Bradley and Miss Emm bought me some crazy colours to brighten my days. And this super cool crackle stuff. Its like this black stuff that you put on top and it goes all cracked, up in like a professional way, not in a your nails look cracked kind of way. Its very difficult to describe, I don't know why I'm trying to...! Anyway I've got this yellow polish and when I put the black stuff on top I feel like an amazonian frog. Its pretty thrilling to feel like an amazonian frog. You should try it. And today I bought some pink crackly stuff so now I have purple underneath and then pink on top. Not really sure if they resemble an animal. They look a little bit like a pinky purpley lizard. But I don't think they exist, so just trust me on this one....they are fabulous.

So maybe this blog should be for girls only...
Boys....I think you may wonder if I'm talking in another language....

Wouldn't that be exciting. Ooo the possibilities. Soozlanguage. Or Soozish... I have time on my hands. Maybe this could be a new little project for me...

Oh crap I'm distracting myself again..


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