Thursday, 19 May 2011

A few aches and pains...

Urgh yuk.



Feel like I've been punched in the neck about twenty times and I have giant swollen glands. Ouch.

Viruses keep on attaching themselves to me like I don't know what. I wish I could think of an excellent simile, but my brain has turned to mush.... They keep attaching to me like Velcro? They're hanging around like a bad smell? Both rubbish.... Writing mind wants to put both of those in the bin. Or hit delete.

I had a nightmare last night that has stayed with me all day. In it I was being chased, and some people were trying to help me, but some people were double tricking me, and I couldn't work out who were friends and who were enemies. And then I had all these cuts on my belly. It was like someone had smashed glass into my stomach and there were loads of tiny cuts, and scratches and scars. That image is refusing to leave my brain.

Pretty weird, I know.


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