Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hula Hoops, The Independent and fake tan...?!

Just finished eating a packet (well the contents of the packet, not the actual packet..I don't think the wrapping would be very tasty, and would probably make my tummy hurt..) of Hula Hoops. Ooo yeah that's about the level of excitement that today's blog is going to reach. Hula hoops. Not even a chunky McCoys, or a big fat Dorito. Basically just a crisp full of air....I bet the manufacturer is like "Yes! We'll save some money by putting holes in the middle of our crisps...what a winner...!" What flippin mugs we are more like. Curses.

Mind you I can still fit them on my fingers and bite off one by one...(the crisps..not my fingers..)

Didn't get out of the old dressing gown till lunchtime today. Took superhuman amount of effort to rip it off my back...!

Excellent article in the paper Have a little look. I actually emailed the writer to say, well blaaady done. Pat on the back and all that. If you haven't got the time to read it then this is the summary....

When it comes to depression....

Perhaps the best we can ever hope for is not understanding but acceptance.

Music to my ears. What amazing words. If I had a broken leg I wouldn't be blaming myself for it. Or thinking what has happened in my past for my leg to be broken. I would just be like, bugger, this is very annoying, please mend quickly. And so would other people. They wouldn't be searching for answers, reasons, or understanding why my leg was broken. Everyone would just accept it and be like, don't worry Sooz one day it will be mended.

And so it should be the same with depression. And anxiety. I need to remember that this is a medical condition. I have a chemical imbalance in my brain that with medication and counselling, should in time, be balanced out again....It seems like such a small thing to remember. But it really is huge. Realising that I will never fully understand this illness, and neither will anyone else. And that's ok. We're only human. We don't know everything about our minds. Theres still a whole lot of mystery out there. And that's quite interesting really. Life would be pretty darn boring if we knew everything...

So... acceptance. I am slowly getting there...And maybe we all are....


P.S Bronzed body is back......yay for fake tan....!Literally anything that makes you feel better even just for a minute, grab it! Do it! Now!

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