Monday, 28 March 2011


So.... am I the only person who wishes the clocks hadn't gone forward? Because it just makes my day even longer than usual. All I want to do is nest up and get in my bed. And this daylight is really making a mockery of my plans...Humph....Susie is not impressed. At least when the clocks were normal I felt it was OK to be craving bed at 5 in the afternoon. Now it just feels wrong. And makes me feel lazy and guilty. Which I'm NOT. I just want to curl up and close my eyes.....ahhh...oh well I guess I will have to wait another 6 months..Or I could go and live at the north pole (my geography could be slightly off here...) where its night-time nearly 24/7. Ooo yes. Appealing. But on the other hand..not sure if I could cope with the cold. And its not like I actually want to stay in bed all day. Because you feel a little gross after a while. I just don't really want to face the world. Mmmmm. Once again I am wittering...and once again I am without point or conclusion...Pah...

This afternoon I painted. A...semi kind of not really but maybe a bit... self portrait....My Grandma popped her head round the corner and took a glance..."Hmm that's unusual Susie. Its not you is it?" Ha, it did make me chuckle.

 Reminded me of when I was 15 and used to wear all these crazy clothes... a million bracelets up my arms, nose ring in, hugely wide jeans slung so low my knickers would pop out the streaks in my I thought I looked pretty ace (ace...what an underused 90's word..note to self, must use more often...) After purchasing my 'Barbie is a slut' slogan t-shirt, I would rock up to to my Mum, and be like, "what do you think of my outfit...?" as I waited with baited breathe Mama would nearly always say...."Thats unusual Susie...!" which literally translated meant..."You look like a fruitlooop but I'm not going to say that because then you will react and turn into a stroppy teenager...Unusual is a safe bet...and I'm sticking with it!"


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