Saturday, 26 March 2011

Keep me! Chuck me!

Well looking back on today's activities (or lack of) it seems like a pretty long day all in all (although I'm most probably delusional, and I haven't actually achieved anything...!)

I'm trying to type this quickly as I have a pal coming round to watch some crappy TV and drink some wine. yaya... The faster I type, the louder my typing becomes....pow pow pow...why is a laptop keyboard so much louder than a desktop keyboard? hmm interesting.

I'm naturally quite a messy little lady but in times of stress and anxiety, a feeling of OCD tidiness overwhelms me and I have to sort, clean, organise. Now in this state of mind, I will most likely ignore the large stack of dishes in the sink, or the pile of clothes on the bed, and instead attack something a little more obscure....Reorganising of the wardrobe, putting CD collection into alphabetic/genre order...that kind of thing. Or if in doubt, just have a good old satisfying hoover...

So yesterday this feeling came over me and I began to clear out my desk... Wow...24 hours later I have finally (well almost) finished. I have rediscovered some crazy keyrings, a giant safety pin, the paper bit of my driving licence, and other general bits of tat. (Including a million zillion Biro's...) And some hilarious long forgotten photos. I am such a hoarder. It is something of a problem when one comes to having a clear out. "Keep me!" says a pen I bought on holiday in Spain..."Chuck me!" says the receipt from my winter coat bought 3 years ago....Oh the dilemmas. I tell you what though..I was pretty darn ruthless...those Live and Kicking stickers circa 1996 finally got the boot.........


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