Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I'm worms are all muggled up!

Oh yes its blog time...I almost forgot...

I was getting a little bit distracted, as I'm thinking about having a tatoo....So I was having a little browse to see what I could find. I've always quite fancied a tatoo but I'm so squeemish, it hasn't happened yet... Also I want to have one that means something. Not just for the sake of having it, but something all deep and meaningful....ha ha.... the cheesey cheese is making an apperance again this evening. I'm so flippin fussy and particular though I don't know if I will find anything to meet my precise visual needs!

The idea is to have the word Hope written just on the inside of my right hand wrist. So I can always see it, never forget it...but also if I hate it I can hide it aSAP! It will probably never happen....well, we shall see won't we....!

Blah blah mumble mumble jumble jumble I don't feel like I am making any sense this evening.....

Soaking wet windy walk on the beach this morning. I was the only person there. Totally alone. The waves crashing onto the beach. A constant neverending sea. Stood for ages in the waves, just listening and watching. Sat down on the sand dunes and took a little video so hopefully won't forget it when I get home. Then put on the ipod and danced around and span round in circles. What freedom. Sang my little heart out....Candi Staton- You've got the love...classic all time favourite....

Bloody good job the beach was empty to be honest.....I may have looked a like a bit of a fruitloop....!

Until tomorrow xxxxxxx

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