Thursday, 24 February 2011

24th Feb, don't forget today Susie....

I think I may have overstretched myself slightly today. Totally cream crackered...I need to put little cartoon matchsticks to hold my peepers open.

But the reason for such tiredness has an element of excitement attached to it. Well I didn't meet a handsome prince on the beach or anything... Actually no forget that, I've changed my mind. This was much more exciting than that!

Ooo I am having a good old witter this evening, I think it must be my tired out mashed potato brain.

Anyway...the point is...(I will get there soon I promise!) I went horse riding this morning!

A lovely little Welsh horse called Della (it means 'pretty' in Welsh) was my trusty steed. And it felt amazing. Wind in my hair, cantering along, mountains to my right, sea to my left, totally dependant on Della, adrenaline rushing through my body. It wasn't just the feeling of riding that was so good, but the feeling that I actually wanted to do it. Because for so long my body and mind have been completely shut down. And all I have wanted to do is to disappear.

Also I had a pink riding hat, which was just perfect for me...!

I need to remember this day.........

Big love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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