Monday, 14 February 2011

Eyedew dazzling eyedrops....

Sleepy Susie... Been on the diet coke and dairy free chocolate to try and perk me up a bit. I fell asleep in front of the fire this afternoon. Mama was amazed that I can sleep on the floor, but it really was so warm and snuggley....I think I have been blessed with the gift of being able to sleep anywhere...

 Since being unwell I have noticed my eyes seem really cloudy and dark. I feel like I have permanent bags under my eyes. Actually not bags, more like flippin suitcases.... So you can imagine my excitement when I spied an advert for eyedrops, claiming to make your eyes dazzle and sparkle! Ooo yes I though to myself. I would love to have eyes like that. Yes yes please. And so I went on a little mission this morning, and I sniffed out these eyedrops. Well let me tell you this ladies and gents, my eyes are sparkling once again! The drops make the whites in your eyeball even whiter and clearer, and I think I might get a little bit addicted to them. I'm looking forward to surprising Mama by creeping out of the shadows with the whites of my eyes blazing out at her!!

I tell you what, this girl will do anything to make her feel better, even just for a minute...

This afternoon I'd been thinking about the next few months and have got a couple of goals set in the back of mind. Ha but I'm not going to tell you yet! I will keep you in suspense dear reader....(also if I don't achieve them, nobody will ever know...clever hey?!) So its all pretty amazing progress, but at the moment they feel like these great big mountains looming  ahead of me. I keep on having to think about small steps, but maybe I should think about the feeling I would have at the top of the mountain. Fingers crossed, the view from the top will be fantastic....

Here's another song that I've been listening it, its so chilled and I love the words

...Wake up Susie
Put your shoes on
Walk with me into this light...

..Another night has gone
Life goes on
Another dawn is breaking
Turn and face the sun
One by one
The world outside is waking...    Another Day, James Taylor

Until tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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