Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pilates and the Prime Minister....

My lovely Auntie sent me a pilates DVD last week so I had a little pilates session in the lounge this morning. I felt a little bit of a fool lying on the floor squeezing a cushion between my knees....half listening and half watching a lady in the brightest and tightest lycra....but I'm pretty sure I was doing it right....I'm hoping that the 80's inspired lycra isn't an essential part of turning my body into a temple...

But joking aside, I found it really helpful, and good to concentrate on something else for a little while. I think I'll try and do it reguarly (I want to say everyday, but I'm gonna go for something more achieveable and vague...haha!)

I've caught up a little bit on my correspondance today. 3 letters written (1 to David Cameron, giving him a piece of my mind,ha!) and 3 emails sent. Massive thanks again to everyone who has sent me such thoughtful messages.....They mean so much to me....and I PROMISE I  will reply soon!

My anxiety has been controlling my body and my mind this afternoon. Struggled to eat much as stomach is so knotted up with tension. My mind is spinning and won't stop.

Hands are shaking again...curses....I think I'll stop typing now...
Until tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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