Monday, 28 February 2011

The end of Feb...hurrah

Another endless day....yawn....

This must be such a boring read, I'm boring myself just writing the same things over and over again! I keep on re-reading and deleting. I don't think this is going to make much sense tonight. I feel like my writing is so full of repetition. But so are my days. Each day is a battle that has to be fought over and over again. Nobody wins and nobody loses. No ground is taken, no victory won. Its never ending. And I'm so tired of it all. Some days I think I can see little nuggets of strength coming back to me, but not today...

Arrrrrggghhhh this is so frustrating! And I know I must sound like such a melodramatic drama queen. Its really quite irritating because some days I really don't care what anyone thinks, and I often forget that anybody even reads this. But something is niggling at the back of my mind tonight, and I can't work out what it is. This would be an excellent point at which to reach for my mantras...

Depression and anxiety are an illness. They are not signs of weakness.

It is not your fault that you have depression and anxiety

I really need to focus on those mantras this evening. And I need to stop worrying about tomorrow and just concentrate on getting through the rest of today.

Mmm I need to find something to make me giggle for a minute...

Aha...found it....An old friend recommended I take a sneaky peak at Rastamouse....
And it just bought a cheeky little grin to my face.  I could seriously get a bit addicted to this genius children's TV programme. Check it out....!

(Hmm is it weird to be jealous of a cartoon character's outfit? Scratchy wears the cutest leopard print skirt...I wonder where she got it from....!)



  1. Susie & Rastamouse 1 Sad feelings 0

  2. Yes indeed pond skater! Thank you! Do I know you anywhere other than cyber-space? :-)

  3. I banned my kids from watching it after they made blatant drug references.