Sunday, 27 February 2011

It seems like such a loooooooooooooooooooong day

Today seems to have gone on forever and its not even over yet. Diet coke and oreos to get through the next few hours? Yes I think so.

I did attempt to cook a roast dinner at lunchtime. It was a close shave, disaster was lurking around every corner of the kitchen My hands were going into shaking overload and I almost dropped the chicken on the floor! Luckily it just fell back into the roasting tin. Phew. Crisis averted.  They never mention roast chicken dropping when talking about depression and anxiety do they! Thats where the real problems lie...well that and dropping glasses, spilling drinks, breaking coasters, smashing biscuit jars....

Lovely chinwag with good friend accross the pond. Skype is such a genius invention. And we are such good pals, so in tune with each other, even thousands of miles away, that we were wearing the same outift. Oooo world of the strange....

Thats it for today....

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  1. Great blog Susie. Your being very honest, brave and inspirational. You can turn that black dog into a pussycat I promise, it probably just wants to be loved like all of us. I know it can be tough going at times but building distractions into your life really helps, anything at all. Small personal victories everyday. Think about your sleep, food (the phrase gut feeling is a good one), drink water, breathing, posture, all really important things But above all, build in distraction. You must be a clever, wise and creative soul to be feeling like this so use all those things to your advantage. This is the bit you might cringe at but....your start accepting it.