Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Decisions decisions...

Sitting down.

Isn't it just the best feeling?

Under rated if you ask me.

Not that I have been standing up for a ridiculous amount recently or anything.

I just really do enjoy a good sit down.

A good sit down with a mug of warm squash and time to catch up on my blog.

It has been far too long. But I have been rather busy...

Mr B are on the hunt for a house, and we are also trying to book a wedding venue and set a date.

Exciting times ahead, but it does mean my brain gets rather full up.

And my train of thought goes something like this....

Right, lets think about wedding venues.

(Googles wedding venues)

What about this one?

Oh wait, but should I actually be looking at houses?

(Googles rightmove)

Or maybe I should go back to wedding venues.

Or wedding dresses.

Yes that is very important.

I do need something to wear. Cant possibly wear my trackie bottoms.

(Googles wedding dresses)

No, I hate all the dresses, I will have to get married in my trackies. I really should think about the house.

(Googles zoopla)

And so it continues......

At this point I should probably make some sort of oath, promise, or legally binding agreement, that this blog won't turn into a wedding blog.

Neither will I become a Bridezilla.

Honestly. I won't.

So for now, I shall go back to enjoying my sit down, and distract myself from all the forthcoming decisions by watching a good old fashioned murder mystery.

Nothing like a blood thirsty killer on the loose to ease your anxiety....!


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