Monday, 3 March 2014

10 things that were true in 2004

One of my favourite websites at the moment is For someone who likes to procrastinate and read random lists about equally random things, this website is a gem.

I can waste an infinite amount of time reading articles such as, '19 things I learned on a training day for spies' , 'which Bill Murray character are you?' and this retro throwback, '116 Clueless outfits, ranked from worst to best' .

If you haven't ever visited this site, and want to waste some time, I really do recommend it.

My ultimate buzzfeed section is the 'retro' stuff. You can look back at old toys from your childhood, or remember those horrendous fashion mistakes you made in your teenage years.

Its also got me thinking, that this summer, June 2014, to be precise, will be 10 years since I finished high school.

What a different world.

2004 doesn't feel like that long ago, but really, when I think about all the things that have changed in my life, and the world, it feels like a million years ago.

So here is my first buzzfeed inspired top 10.

10 things that were true in 2004............

1.5 bottles of Reef for £5 was money well spent. Delicious alcohol that tasted like orange juice. Score!

2. A 10 packet of Marlborough lights cigarettes' only cost £3 (and you could smoke them in the pub, making your clothes smell gross.)

3. 'Talking' on msn was the best way to flirt. Facebook hadn't reached us then.

4. Going to Mirage (or Sugar) on a Thursday night and dancing to cheesy pop was the best way to party.

5. Ordering a tuna baguette from MTumms and getting it delivered to school, was the ultimate lunch experience.

6. Sitting in the park for hours with your friends was the only way to spend your Saturday. And Sunday. And every holiday.

7. GHD straighteners came on to the market and finally tamed frizzy hair.

8. Covering your bedroom wall with hundreds of photos of your friends was the only way to decorate.

9. You didn't mind drinking Tesco value vodka as it usually came hand in hand with a rocking house party.

10. The food machine in the common room at school could cure even the worst of days.


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