Friday, 31 January 2014

Foody food

'Lalala tralala dolala!' 

This a happy little song I'm singing because I have a nice full tummy from eating dairy free carbonara.

That I made myself.


That's right.

Go me.

I mean, its not a HUGE achievement. But, I don't really, generally speaking, enjoy eating that much.

Does that sound weird?


I just find eating food is sometimes more of a chore than a pleasure.

Which is why I usually try and gobble my food down quickly so the chore is ended.

Strange I know.

I particularly don't like going out for dinner with people that I don't really know that well.

That is a stressful situation.

Choosing something from the MASSIVE menu.

Changing my mind 20 times before ultimately going for my 'safe option'.

Waiting for it to arrive.


Worrying that the people I don't know are thinking I eat my food strangely.

Waiting for someone to CLEAR MY PLATE AWAY.

Worrying that the waiter lied and my dinner did have dairy in it and I'm going to explode.

Susie does not enjoy the experience.

Its even more anxiety inducing because you know you're supposed to be enjoying it and you're not...and then you feel guilty...and silly...oh and then you just spiral into the unknown depths of your crazy brain...!

Which is why I'm a boring Brian and only go to restaurants that I've been to before, with people that I already know.

Its a lot more fun!


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