Monday, 11 November 2013

Grumbles and mumbles

Yet again its been too long between blogs.

Apologies dear friends.

I've been rushed off my feet these past few days, its been a little bit mad...

Now I'm shattered and have a headache.

Yawn. Ouch.

Moaning again....sorry....

Trying to relax but feeling restless and my brain is struggling to switch off completely...

Probably because it knows that I've got another busy week on the horizon. Bleuurgh.

I could tell you all some amusing anecdotes from my Mums party on Saturday night...But I feel like it could be a breach of confidentiality.  So my lips are sealed...(well until I can be bothered to write some of it down anyway.)

I will say this though, I'm glad Mama Pig is only 60 once. Although she is having another shindig this weekend...and another one after that...

Whilst I'm in a little bit of a moaning mood, I may as well go full throttle and grumble about Christmas. Well,Christmas adverts anyway. They have infiltrated my television, and I'm not happy. Its not even December.

Its too much. Too soon.

I can almost feel a strongly worded complaint letter coming on and sending it off to Points of View. But that would be stupid and silly, because the BBC don't even have adverts. Curses.

Christmas in my mind is a 7 day period. Maximum.

Not a three month hullabaloo. Its just not called for.

No one else gets such a long birthday, and I don't think Jesus is bothered about it lasting for so long. Everyone else just gets a one day birthday celebration. Well, apart from maybe the Queen. Oh and my Mum.

Right, that's enough of my whining. I'm going to resume my place on the sofa and close my eyes...


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