Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Another step. Another breath.

Apologies if you've already been bombarded with my new website, 'cuz I'm gonna mention it again.... 

If you have a chance, do take a look at and enjoy a little bit of creative fun.

Its NOT replacing this blog, so don't worry folks. Don't want you crying into your cups of tea or anything.

Instead, its a small online space for my paintings to be displayed.

And I must say a big thank you to Miss Connon, for her recommendation of Weebly.

I've been pondering the idea of making a website for all my artwork for a while now, and after several tricky attempts, I must say I'm pretty pleased with the result.

It would seem that I am finally making friends with technology.


I've also managed to get to the end of this blog without mentioning the fact that I'm feeling rather stressed and overwhelmed about the forthcoming weekend.

Whoa. That was a rather long sentence wasn't it?!

Breathe Susie.



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