Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pictures of my mind

Mr B and I are in the middle of cooking a roast dinner (he's Sioux chef, I'm Head chef), but I have a few minutes to spare...

It seems that I'm struggling to write my blog on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. The reason being 'cuz I'm absolutely knackeroonied from working in the salon.

I know I'm only working part time, so I'm not going to moan, as most people work a full week. But when you've been not working for over 2 years, its very physically and mentally tiring going back into the world of work.

More mentally than physically tiring actually. Especially as people tend to tell you their deepest darkest secrets whilst you're washing their hair. Which makes me go home and worry about them. Silly really. I need to stop myself.

Anyway Mr B got me out of the house last night and we enjoyed a few pints in Bath. It was lovely jubly.

Although I did miss Strictly.

Oh dear. I think I'm becoming middle aged by saying things like that.

Whilst I remember, for anyone who hasn't seen it, here is my latest work.

Its called 'Seascape' and has taken me about 3 months to complete. I  have always been fascinated with the sea, and this painting was inspired by some beautiful waves down in Devon.
I have always found calm and peace when I am near the sea. It draws me in, and I find comfort in the soft rhythm of the waves. However, the sea also petrifies me. It is a constant theme in my nightmares, as I often dream I'm on a beach as a tsunami hits.
So these are contrasting layers, one of tranquillity, the other of fear, is what I've tried to convey in this painting. The sea is the unknown, a place full of  mystery and secrets.
I could bore you with more arty talk, but I shall refrain. And instead let you know that I will soon be creating a website to show my paintings off a little better :)

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