Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pledge it

Plagued by a few wonky brain black dog days at the moment.

Refusing to answer the question, "Why are you feeling like that?"

Because searching for an answer isn't necessarily going to make me feel any better.

Yes, I'm tired which never helps.

Yes ,there is quite a lot of change going on in my life at the moment, which I always find difficult.

But also, there is no logical rhyme or reason.

A low mood can just come and bite me on the bum for no particular reason.

And sometimes, the black dog just comes barking even when you should be feeling on top of the world.

Which actually, makes you feel even worse.

I know the grey veil will eventually lift, but living with it manipulating my outlook on life really is a bugger.

Right, moan over.

I know I repeat myself on here a lot. So much in fact, that its sometimes one of the main reasons why I think about stopping writing. BUTTTTT (that's a big but, in case you were wondering) if there is just one other person tonight who reads this, and thinks, "I'm glad I'm not the only one with depression." Then writing it down makes a lot more sense.

And I've pledged to continue writing this, which means I cant exactly unpledge myself.


Click on the link above to write your own pledge....


  1. Great topic, thanks for taking such good care of this website!

  2. You are very very welcome :)

  3. I am kind of depressed, i was writing a short story, i wrote "stopping writing" and it felt off, i wanted to check the grammar so i googled it, put quotes around it so google knows i want the sentence, your blog comes first, WEIRD!, hi.