Sunday, 11 August 2013

massive YAWN

After the 3rd and final chicken weekend of the year, I'm more than a little bit tired.

In fact I think my eyeballs are on the verge of just sliding out of their sockets and cosying up in bed.

Twas a fun weekend though.

Just need to spend a bit of time gaining my strength back.

That sounds like I've been on some kind of boot camp or something, which I haven't.

And I know everyone gets tired. I just find busyness and lots of people particularly exhausting.

But that kind of makes me sound like an introverted old crabby pants, which I'm not.

Oh dear, writing this when I'm tired is never the best is it? I always end of wittering and not making much sense.

But I do think that tiredness generally (I'm not just talking about today) does make you feel rubbish in all kinds of ways.

Some people get headaches, or catch colds, or just keep on falling over all the time. (Yes, the last one is my own example.)

 My depression always feels worse when I'm tired. I become much more paranoid, I convince myself that everyone hates me and I seem to worry 10 times more. Tiredness and the black dog seem to like each other I think. They like to gang up together.

So you need to be prepared to give them a good slap.

Eg. Don't feel bad or guilty for having a small nap, put on a comforting film/tv programme (corrie catch up for me tonight), and stop worrying about tomorrow.


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