Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Little Miss Messy

Currently surrounded by:

  • 1 poundland plastic bag
  • 2 smelly hoodys
  • An old school sewing box
  • Half a packet of fags
  • 20 tubes of paint
  • 10 pieces of paper covered wire
  • 5 balls of multi-coloured wool
  • 1,00000 odd socks
  • 1 old diet coke bottle
  • A sky high pile of paperwork
  • And a cuddly toy.

How have I let my room get so messy?!

Tomorrow is definitely operation clean up.

Unless I decide to have a nap for the afternoon instead, which is what I did today.

A messy room can often mean a messy mind, and I have been feeling rather yuk today. I had an intense counselling session this morning, which has left my brain drowning in a sea of memories.

Looking forward to closing my eyes and thinking of nothing. (Although even this is unrealistic as I'll probably have crazy nightmares tonight.) Curses.


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