Sunday, 7 July 2013

High fives all round

I cant possibly write tonight's blog without mentioning a certain historical British win....



Well done Andy Murray!


You made me dance around the living room like a maniac. High five to you my friend.

But despite basking in his glory, as well as the fabulous weather, I have struggled to relax this weekend. And if anyone had seen me yesterday afternoon they would probably come to the conclusion that I had a few ants in my pants.

Which, for the record, I can confirm that I didn't. I was just a bit antsy. (Antsy. Get it. Ho ho.)

The BT Internet saga rolls on, and they are sending an engineer out tomorrow.
I don't know why its wound me up so much, but it really has sent my anxiety levels sky rocketing, which is irritating.

Also working on my CV at my employability course on Friday probably didn't help matters. I got myself in a right old fluster trying to think of my 'skills and qualities'. Yuksville. I hate that kind of stuff. My mind goes blank, and I cant think of a single skill or quality I possess.

Oh well.

It must be said that Mr B has done a stupendous job of calming me down, so massive high fives to him too.

Tomorrow is a another day. And maybe there will be less ants around.


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