Saturday, 15 June 2013

Back in time

Sitting here in my incredibly tidy room feeling a little better.
My monstrous mess had been making me feel rather itchy. I just wanted to chuck everything away and sit in an empty room surrounded by space.

In my quest to declutter, I even managed to throw away some of my beloved cassette tapes. Talk about tough. I did let myself hang onto about 10, I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away NOW 27. It might be worth a fortune one day, you never know.

However, I probably haven’t helped the future of my cluttering collection this morning as I purchased another second hand book….
When I see a book that I used to read as a child, I simply cannot resist buying it again. It allows me to have an instant trip down memory lane. Todays purchase was ‘Milly-Molly-Mandy Stories’ and for the bargain price of 20p, it has made me a very happy lady.

Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with this literary gem, let me tell you a little bit about Milly Molly Mandy….
“She had a Father, and a Mother, and a Grandpa, and a Grandma, and an Uncle, and an Aunty; and they all lived together in a nice white cottage with a thatched roof.”

I can’t quite imagine how they all fitted into this cottage, but as a 7 year old reader, I never really thought to question the sleeping arrangements.

She also has a dog called Toby, a cat called Topsy, and two friends, Susan and Billy Blunt. The stories tell of birthday parties and gardening. Blackberry picking and knitting. Published in 1928, they transport you to a simpler world. Where small pleasures become exciting treats, and nothing is taken for granted.
You may be wondering why I’m wittering on about this old childrens book, and I don’t really have a good answer. Part of me is just super pleased about finding it again.  But the other part is pushing me to try harder at appreciating the little gifts in life (just as Milly-Molly-Mandy does. You should read the chapter when she finds a penny in an old coat, wow, that is true excitement for you.)

Its something that I have been attempting to do for a while now, but I need to remind myself to keep practising.
I become so overwhelmed by the looming prospect of the future, that I cant always see the good stuff that’s happening in front of my nose…


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