Friday, 17 May 2013

A happy book.

In my art group, Tiny Monuments, we've been learning how to make little books.

This week, as I have been feeling particularly low, I decided to make myself a 'happy book'. Its full of things that make me happy (obviously, but still felt the need to point that out..)

The lines are a bit wonky, and there is rather a lot of glue marks, so I guess its got that authentic homemade look... I've used bit of crafty stuff that I collect, along with some favourite photos and cards that I've kept from birthdays.

Its kept my mind busy, and my anxious hands working. I'm going to carry it around with me, and have a little look at it whenever I can feel the black veil covering my mind.

If it feels right for you, why not have a go. The amazing thing is anything you create is completely original and individual. No-one else will have ever made the same thing before.

Don't worry if its not perfect, just enjoy the creative process of making and let it wash over you.

If you're nosey (like me) you can have a snoop at my happy book below....Enjoy!


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