Sunday, 17 February 2013

Spread the word

Well, thanks to my very kind neighbour Gemini, I've managed to connect to the Internet.

After spending the day considering how on earth I'm going to do all my 'publicity' for the exhibition, its one less for me to stress about. Phewie.

Carrier pigeon, telegrams and good old fashioned letters were all considered today, as I pondered my predicament. But hopefully, all will run smoothly now.

And its probably a good chance to remind you all of said exhibition.

Part of the very prestigious and nationally known Bath Literature Festival (I'm really selling this to you I know...!) Tiny Monuments, presents a collective of art, dialogue, poetry and installations exploring the theme of 'My voice in the city'. We're based at the Bath Central Library, from the 4th to the 9th March and its going to be super duper. Not just super, super DUPER. Also, its FREE!

So put it in your diary, scribble it on your forehead, and get yourself down there. At the very least, it will make the start of March at little bit more exciting for you. And you will also get the chance to view some of my slightly crazy artwork. Providing I finish them in time...

JK Rowling and Darcey Bussel are appearing at the literature festival, and you never know, I may just be able to drag them along as well. So you might get a celebrity sighting, its a definite possibility. I just need to work out how much to bribe them with....I'm thinking a bag of Haribo tangfastics should do the trick...


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