Monday, 28 January 2013


The carina nebula

The orion nebula
 Wow. How incredible are these photos?
Did you know that stars were so spectacular?
They were taken from the Hubble telescope...I just came accross them online, and they just blew my socks off.

Now, I dont proffess to know much about science or space, or stars (or anything else for that matter.) But, despite this, I am still absoloutly entranced by the night sky.

In fact, the paintings that I've been working on recently have been inspired by stars.

Heres what the dictionary says about them.....

STAR - definitions


  1. any of a vast number of celestial objects that are visible in the clear night sky as points of light
    1. a hot gaseous mass, such as the sun, that radiates energy, esp as light and infrared radiation, usually derived from thermonuclear reactions in the interior, and in some cases as ultraviolet, radio waves, and X-rays. The surface temperature can range from about 2100 to 40 000°C See also Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, giant star, white dwarf, neutron star, black hole
    2. (as modifier)  a star catalogue related adjectives astral sidereal stellar
  2. (astrology)
    1. a celestial body, esp a planet, supposed to influence events, personalities, etc
    2. plural another name for horoscope (sense 1)
  3. an emblem shaped like a conventionalized star, usually with five or more points, often used as a symbol of rank, an award, etc
  4. a small white blaze on the forehead of an animal, esp a horse
  5. Also called: star facet. any of the eight triangular facets cut in the crown of a brilliant
    1. a distinguished or glamorous celebrity, often from the entertainment world
    2. (as modifier)  star quality
  6. another word for asterisk
  7. often capital a type of keelboat, designed to be crewed by two people
  8. (prison slang) a convict serving his first prison sentence
Something to think about.....


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