Saturday, 1 December 2012

Happy birthday Joshua!!

Last night I had a date with the waltzers and a hot pork bap. It was pretty special. Luckily I had the bap after my ride on the waltzers, otherwise the evening could of ended a lot less happily....

Today is my nephews fourth birthday, and I wish I could give him a big birthday cuddle. I rang him this morning and he sounded super excited, telling me he'd got "lotsh of preshentsh!" Bless him.

I just wish he'd got mine but the online gremlins at Amazon or the evil imps at the Royal Mail are holding it hostage. Which makes me more than a little but angry. Especially as I paid extra for it to be  delivered on the 27th November, thinking I'd allowed plenty of time for delays. Apparently not.

Those gremlins and imps better get their act together pronto else they'll have me to contend with.... And after years of dealing with angry customers I think it's about time someone else was on the receiving end...


Even though he can't read or use a computer yet I would still like to wish my nephew Joshua a very happy birthday! You're a super special boy, and you always make me smile. Love you loads cheeky pants!


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