Friday, 23 November 2012

routine, I do like you

Last night I was feeling decidedly waterlogged, wind swept and generally sorry for myself, so I decided against writing anything and snuggled up in bed instead. It was the best decision I'd made all day.

My life is definitely a lot busier these days....

This time last year I used to spend an awful lot of time just kind of sitting. Existing. Looking out of windows. I didn't do much doing. I didn't have the energy. Or the motivation. Or the strength. My body and mind were healing, and I just had to go along with it. But now, now I'm kind of living....!

Actually its amazing  how I've gradually built up my energy levels.

This is how my week looks :

Monday morning : work on own art, afternoon: Virginia Woolf course
Tuesday morning: media writing course, afternoon: speaking in groups course
Wednesday morning: tiny monuments art group, afternoon : this is supposed to be when I go to the gym...
Thursday morning: Shakespeare course, afternoon: 1930's literature course
Friday morning: time for sleeps, afternoon : breathing space art group

Oh I do like my routine. So much so that I have this all written out on a little timetable upstairs. Its rather satisfying. But perhaps you wont feel quite the same, after all, I haven't included my very important snack breaks which are highlighted in orange........that definitely makes it more enjoyable....!


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