Tuesday, 27 November 2012

reaching across continents

Hello to my new readers in Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.

Its lovely to know that my blog is still reaching people all across the world! In fact, at the last count of my statistics I think my blog had readership in over 20 countries, and that included 5 continents. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for that sixth continent though. Some isolated arctic explorer may find my words comforting. You never know....

A friend took this photo today and added the caption :)
Anywho, I'm a very sleepy girl tonight and so I don't think I'll be writing much more....

At the moment my evenings are spent getting increasingly frustrated with my TV. Sometimes it has signal, sometimes it doesn't.

There is no logic, rhyme or reason.

 I used to think it didn't work when it rained (which in England, is pretty much all the time) but it also doesn't like wind or dense cloud. Not sure either whether its the actual TV that's breaking, or the aerial or the separate digital box.

But I categorically refuse to get rid of my TV as it still plays videos, and as you might already know, I cant stop buying video bargains in charity shops. Its an addiction. And as it does still play videos with good picture and sound then maybe its the little box that's gone wonky or something. Hmm.

My TV also has great sentimental value as it was an 18th birthday present from my group of friends at school. It was around the time when DVD's were just coming out but Laura (who was the group organiser and my bezzie pal) knew that I was against DVD's and so she kindly chose one with video.

You may ask why I was against DVD's.

And I would answer...

But I can't remember.

I felt pretty strongly about it though. It must of been a really good reason....

So lets all keep our fingers crossed for my ever so slightly retro TV working tonight. I need another dose of mindless entertainment, and ITV is sure to provide that for me.....



  1. Looking good Susie! Sorry i spelt International wrong... Good News about your new readers in Saudi Arabia and Taiwan! My big bro lives in Dubai and works as a pilot for emirates airlines... ho hum im in 'job club' now, rather than Creative Writing...must make at least one online job application in an hour! Come on, it can't be THAT HARD! can it? Shall check my CV now...I love your enthusiasm for tiny monuments! was good to see the library exhibition space this morning and the option of a room in the Victoria Museum maybe for a session in the future...Henry x

  2. ha ha yes i just realised the spelling mistake too, nevermind :)

  3. Perhaps i could blame it on the phone's touchscreen keyboard...on which i added the caption...