Thursday, 13 September 2012

slowly slowly

I seem to be moving at a frustrating sloth like pace this morning. I'm getting things done, just seems to be taking me agggggggggesssssssss.  I think my typing has slowed down, and even eating my breakfast seemed to take forever. Thought that bowl of coco pops was never going to end....needed Coco Monkey to come and give me a hand.

But...the sun is shining, I've had a beautiful present arrive in the post this morning, and I've got a good feeling about today. And if everything is taking me twice as long as usual, then maybe that feeling will stick around for a while too. Ace.

I'd also almost forgotten that I'm going to Devon tomorrow. Hurrah! And just found out that the cycling tour of Britain thingy is Dartmouth on Saturday so it gives me another excuse to get my union jack out and feel all patriotic again. Oh yes. Any excuse.

Although I'm not as excited about packing. Urgh. The stress, the indecision. The sitting on the suitcase praying everything will just fit in. The look on Dads face when he sees how many pairs of shoes I want to take. The attempted preplanning of what outfits might look good that's completely wasted as I end up wearing old jeans and comfy hoodies all week. 

Hmm suppose I'd better stop moaning and get on with it...I may just have a mini 5 minute sunshine break first, got to make the most of this vitamin d....


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