Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Its good being small.....

One of the great advantages of being a titchy person (in height) is that you can still fit into children's clothes.

Wave goodbye to VAT if you're under 5"3. That's quite a saving. Especially if like me, you don't work. Pennies make pounds and all that.

And don't get me wrong, before you all have visions of me in pink sparkly dresses with Minnie Mouse emblazoned across them, I only buy the occasional item. Which strictly speaking comes from the teenager section. Or 'young adult'. Its quite fitting really, seeing as I continue to get asked for ID when buying cigarettes and alcohol... What a youthful face I must have. Not if I keep smoking like a chimney though, think that may eventually turn me into a wrinkled old prune.

The other bonus of buying items in the children's section, is that you won't see any of your friends wearing them. And I do like to be little miss original. Downside of course is that you may be out and about and notice a small child sporting your fabulous new top. Possibility of embarrassment and being knocked off the cool stool.

Mama pig just came in and laughed her socks off reading the above paragraph, think my wit must have returned today...HURRAH! Lets all do a little dance.


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