Monday, 24 September 2012


I have big news people. BIG news.

Not just average big news, but very big. Humongous big. Gigantic big. I'm talking about breaking news, tomorrows headlines are already written, because, stop the press, Susie Piggott has some big news.

But I wont sell my story to the British press. Oh no. I will reject the offers from Heat and OK magazine to do a 10 page spread, even if they offer me a life shattering amount of money. Even if they try and tempt me with free clothes, I will say no. No no no. And do you know why? Because I realise my dedicated and loyal followers deserve to hear the news first. That's how much I love my fans. I mean followers....

So to cut a long story short, here is the news, the scoop if you will. Enjoy...

...On Monday 24th September Susanna Piggott (known as Susie) met up with a friend whom she hadn't seen for a few months. After taking a seat in a cosy Bristol cafe, her friend asked her how she was doing. Susie replied with these words, "I'm great thanks, really good!!" Nations rejoiced and the people applauded. Susie smiled.