Monday, 13 August 2012


Like a lot of people I'm still buzzing from last nights Olympic ceremony. I can't believe it gave me goose bumps (not just because I was cold) AND it made me cry! Me! To think this time last year I couldn't even squeeze one tiny tear out, but now I'm gushing all over the place.
May sound strange to be excited about crying, but when you've gone through a long period of time feeling nothing, and being numb to emotion, its just super ace to feel things again. What a long sentence. Awful literary skills Susanna.
Anywho, I was just listening to Simon Callow (you know that Actor dude with the posh voice) and he started talking about endeavour. He was praising the endeavour that the Olympians showed throughout the games. Which made me think, what does that word actually mean? And how often do we see it in action?
Cuz I reckon its out there a lot...
Its like a sneaky quiet quality that people have.
Its not loud or proud, but its consistent and admirable.
I quite fancy having some.
Maybe I have a little bit, but I want more....!
Definition of endeavour (Taken from Oxford English Dictionary)


[no object, with infinitive]
  • try hard to do or achieve something: he is endeavouring to help the Third World


  • an attempt to achieve a goal: [with infinitive]: an endeavour to reduce serious injury
  • [mass noun] earnest, prolonged, and industrious effort: enthusiasm is a vital ingredient in all human endeavour
  • an enterprise or undertaking: a portfolio of business endeavours                               
late Middle English (in the sense 'exert oneself'): from the phrase put oneself in devoir 'do one's utmost' (see devoir)

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