Friday, 10 August 2012

August, I quite like you

Anyone else completely lost track of the days? I feel like August is having a strange but ultimately good effect on me...Here are a few of its plus points....

  • Its the month when watching telly all day is not deemed as lazy but patriotic (team GB really need you...)

  • The high street is in a weird in-between stage, half way between the new A/W season, and still wanting to get rid of sale dregs. This is the time for bargain hunting people. 

  • Everyone at work has either just got back from holiday, or is just about to go on holiday, so really there is no point in stretching yourself, basically, a holiday is on the horizon one way or another.

  • Supermarkets all seem to be selling their BBQ meat at low cost prices, yet again they over-ordered, so lets all have a meat feast.

  • Its acceptable to drink a jug of Pimms at any time of day, any day of the week, because its August and you have the right to call 'Pimms o'clock' whenever you damn well please.

  • There is no political news, all the MP's are sunning themselves in Barbados or something similar. Hurrah for not seeing their smug faces.

  • Actually there is no news. Apart from GB Olympic glory, all journalists are on holiday too.

  • The football season starts! 8 days until West Broms race for the title begins....

  • After 18 years of August being the best school holiday month, its hard to shake that feeling off. I have the biggest urge to have a water fight. Who wants to join me?

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