Sunday, 19 August 2012

dont mention it!!!

Another productive day.

Cleaning, painting and most importantly of all, sunbathing.

A spontaneous sunbathe too. In England. In my own garden. Unheard of. Who knows whats going to happen next??

Something that's not going to happen next is me learning to drive again. For some reason, quite unknown to me, this subject keeps on popping up. "Learn to drive Susie, you really need to!" Everywhere I go I seem to keep hearing this. Why? Why do I need to drive? I am quite possibly single handedly saving the world and reducing my carbon footprint by not driving. And you cant argue with that now can you??

If I was a millionaire, maybe I would learn to drive. Although probably, I would just hire a chauffeur to do it for me.

The other annoying thing that people keep on asking me, is when am I going to go back to work?? I don't flipping know. I answer them with this, find me something I'm good at, and then I'll go back. But it doesn't always shut them up. I told a friend the other night it needed to be a job where I don't have to talk to anyone. He suggested I become a lorry driver. And even the fact that I cant drive a car didn't seem to ruin his plan for me, he said it could be my six year plan. I'm not sure though. I don't think I would be able to climb into the lorry, let alone drive it.

Ok rant over.

I just get so frustrated because I try so hard to concentrate on TODAY and getting better NOW, that as soon as someone mentions the future I FREAK OUT and can't handle it.

Boo sucks.


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