Saturday, 18 August 2012


Oh dear, what am I doing, I seem to be watching the X Factor. Jeez. This is a disturbing turn of events. I must change the channel quickly before I get sucked into this musical bitch fest.

Any who, today I've been kitten and puppy sitting. Well I still am. Rufus the puppy is currently trying to lick my feet after I intercepted his attempt to steal my flip flops (again.)

He is a super cute beagle, such a cheeky monkey and I really want to keep him! I need a dog in my life again. Fact.

Tomorrow I have a weeks worth of washing up awaiting me in the sink. Joy.

Small panic then, thought I had lost the kitten. Then she crept up on me from nowhere. Deep sigh of relief.

OK must dash, I can hear suspicious noises, think Rufus is trying to steal more shoes...


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