Tuesday, 10 July 2012

wheres the light gone?

Just another Tuesday night in July, wrapped up in my furry winter boots and woollen cardigan.


I have had enough!

13 days until I feel the warmth of the sun roasting my skin in glorious Portugal.... it cannot come soon enough!

Moan over.


I have begun my packing list (already) and tomorrow I'm going bikini shopping. Although, in all honesty it will probably be too flipping cold, and the last thing I'll want to do is take my clothes off in a freezing changing room.

Ooo whoops. I'm complaining again. So unlike me. Ha.

What I should be thinking about is the fact that I'm actually well enough to go on this holiday.

Wouldn't of managed it last year.


But my brain is feeling wonky and distorted today. I'm tired and a bit paranoid. Kind of flapping my arms in the dark looking for the light switch.


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