Wednesday, 11 July 2012

just another wednesday night dilemma

Tum te tum. What to write about tonight. I'm not sure. My mind is a little bit all over the place. And my feet are tap tap tapping. And I keep thinking about the dregs of white wine left in the fridge and how good they'd taste sitting outside in the sunshine. Mm.

Distraction would be a good word to use here.

But earlier today I did manage to concentrate for a few hours and bought some holiday essentials. Firstly a new bikini (bright pink and super cute) and then a hat.... Which I'm finding a bit controversial.

Its a kind of straw trilby with a flower on. And I've never been a fan of trilby's. I always think people look like dinner ladies or butchers. So it may go back. A butcher/dinner lady is not the style I want to be channelling in Portugal. I want to go for more of the effortlessly cool and stylish theme. Also not sure if it will fit in my suitcase...which then means I'd have to wear it on the plane...Which would make me look very English and touristy, again, not a look I want to be investing in.

Obviously I haven't been thinking about this too much at all.

Oh no.

I'm not vain.

Not at all...

Oh and my other holiday essential? A sedative from the doctor to get me through the traumatic airport and flying experience, eeeeeek!


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  1. Susie, I think you are effortlessly cool and stylish but, by definition, you can't try to be effortlessly cool. The more effort you make the more constructed the result. Be not do.

    Can't believe I'm giving cool hints to someone young and beautiful. Get over myself why don't I?