Thursday, 19 July 2012

totally chilled out man

Today I did a little drugs experiment. On the advice of my doctor of course.

Because of my airport anxiety that will drive me crazy on Monday, she has prescribed me some sort of relaxation tablet to make me chill out.

She did suggest Valium, but after last years experience I told her to keep that drug well away from me. Its heaven and hell embalmed in tablet form, and I don't want to start pulling my hair out again. No thanks. I quite like my hair this year.

Anyway, so my doctor suggested that I try out the drug before Monday, just incase of possible effects etc. As always, I was not allowed to operate heavy machinery (too bad, I was thinking about getting out the hedge cutters...) or drive (again, I did consider getting out Dads tractor to mow the lawn, but the idea had to be squashed...) And the doctor suggested I just had a quiet day.

So I followed her words of wisdom and slept for the whole afternoon. Whoops!

Think that means the drugs work then.

They also made me feel fairly relaxed and a bit tispy as if I'd been on the wine this morning. Which was kind of weird. But luckily I had booked myself in for another wax, and it was a lot less painful! Haha.


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