Friday, 8 June 2012

a little brighter

Apologies for the lack of bloggage last night. But I was out having fun. And that just seemed to be much more important.

I could tell you all about my Thursday night adventures, but I feel I need to keep some air of mystery about my life...So no juicy nuggets of gossip for this entry. Sorry to disappoint you readers.

However, the point I'm trying to make (in a very long winded way...) is that I got out of the house and enjoyed myself, and after a few shitty days, it was a good reminder that I'm stronger than I realise.

Sometimes, I look back over the past 18 months and I can hardly believe some of the things I've achieved. Stuff to most people would seem pretty silly and insignificant, but to me, I seem to have climbed Everest a couple of times. And most importantly, I'm still here to tell the tale! WHOOP!!

I should think that thought more often really. Its quite a good one. Need to pop it in my pocket and shove it right into black dogs snout when he's having a go at me.

Talking of dogs, well metaphorical ones, I actually have an unmetaphorical (is that a word?!) dog staying with me this weekend. She's a little westie called Daisy and she's completely nuts, but the most gorgeous bundle of cuteness. She weirdly seems to be rather fascinated with my nose, and tries to lick it at every opportunity. I never knew how enticing my nose was, and hope she soon gives up on her Susie nose crush. Its lovely having a dog back in the house again, even just for a few days, although it does make me miss my dear old pooch Bella.


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