Saturday, 9 June 2012

distracted by distractions

Started writing a little story this afternoon, but having a few problems with a blockage at the front of my brain.

Well, that and I kept on getting distracted.

I find it so tricky sometimes because I want to skip the process and just get to the result. Its a very frustrating habit...(which continues to pop up in quite a few areas of my life...) Its especially annoying when you have a whole story in your head and you just want to insert a magic stick into your brain and TA-DA it would be finished.

I'm totally crap at concentrating as well at the moment. I have got loads better but I think I still begin to fall asleep around the 20 minute mark.

Its not just that either, but when I'm writing, I have so many ideas, thoughts and images going through my head, its really hard to zoom in on the correct ones. I get side tracked by colours, characters or random feelings, and then suddenly I'm wandering down a completely different path.

Focus would be a good word here.

Yes, I need to focus.

But first, I will have a smoke and some wine...teehee.


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