Sunday, 3 June 2012

just sing

Just finished watching a really top banana of a programme, following Gary Barlow as he made the new Jubilee single 'Sing'. He travelled all over the commonwealth recording a variety of people singing and playing for the track.

If you haven't heard it, its well worth a listen, and watching the programme tonight has reminded me just how powerful music can be.

I'm certain that many of us take music for granted. We can download tracks in an instant, choose from more than a dozen radio stations, click on you tube and see whats popular, or just go straight to our CD collection. Music is at our fingertips whenever we need it. But do we really appreciate the powerful effect it has on us?

Music can influence our mood, it can make us feel hopeful, melancholy, joyful, crazy, energised, and even sleepy. It can generate memories from our past, bringing up old friends to the forefront of our minds. It can remind us of breakups, bereavements, birthdays. Music can conjure up images and feelings that were perhaps lost or forgotten about. It can make us feel embowered and strong, allowing ourselves to connect through melody and words.

Music has always played an important part in my life. I feel naked without my ipod on, and would find it impossible to pick out my favourite all time song.

 But particulary in the last 18 months, music has been able to reach inside of me, into the darkest places, into corners that I thought were untouchable. Certain songs have given me hope. They have allowed me to cling onto lyrics, reassuring me that I'm not alone in my battle against the black dog. Songs have sometimes been my only companions as I wandered through the darkness. They have encouraged me to keep fighting, to stay calm.

In a world in which many of us feel alone, even if we're surrounded by people, music can provide a connection for us. It allows us to escape, to be part of something else for just a few minutes. It can take us away from the darkness and dip us into the light.

Here is some of that light for you....


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