Saturday, 2 June 2012

a few preparations

Felt absolutely knackered today, so decided to listen to my body and be a lazy girl. Watched too much telly and about to veg out on some dairy free ice cream. Nom nom.

Half heartedly getting ready to go away tomorrow, but I hate packing, and its only for a few days so I may just leave things to the last minute...

I have however, begun my jubilee preparations. The bunting is out and my nails are now adorned with patriotic colours. I think the Queen would appreciate this attention to detail.

I am also ready to retell my story of when I met the Queen to anyone who will listen. Well, if you can't talk about your brush with royalty this weekend, when can you?

Perhaps a special jubilee edition of the blog will feature at some point over the weekend...or maybe not, who knows. Depends if I can be bothered or not really...!

But mostly, I'm quite excited about covering myself in Union Jack flags and eating all things British.

Dreading the 3 hour drive in the car tomorrow though. Yuck. Being trapped in a car is not good for my anxiety levels. Hopefully I will just have some nap time...and fingers crossed we don't get stuck in a monster traffic jam else I might have to fling myself out of the window!


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