Wednesday, 30 May 2012

whats up?

Tired and hungry.

But too early for bed.

And too lazy to make myself any tea.

Think a bowl of coco pops are on the cards. Maybe a bubble bath as well...then I can begin to drift away to dreamland.

Well I can try anyway.. I've been having really bad nightmares this week, so I keep on waking up just not feeling relaxed. Starting the day in a manic mood is not ideal. I always wake up so suddenly, half trapped in my nightmare, with my heart pounding and palms sweating. Its bloody horrible.

And then it makes me scared to go to sleep. Which, when you're exhausted is really annoying, and it makes me sound about 6 years old, not 26.

God, I'm such a moaning minnie tonight. Apologies. I think have too much stuff in my brain again and not sure how to sift through it. Or even where to start. I just know I have this weird kind of manic energy and  feeling that I can't really put my finger on. And I'm trying to fight against it, but its a little tricky when I'm not entirely sure what I'm up against...

I think a bowl of coco pops really is the answer..and maybe a jog?

Ooh noooo that would be a little too active for a Wednesday night...calm down Sooz, don't go too crazy!


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