Thursday, 31 May 2012

geek chic

Thursday is the day that I'm allowed to release my inner geek. Although according to Ben, I'm a goon not a geek...Whatever that means. Just as long as I'm not that annoying girl Andy out of the Goonies film. She is intolerable. Anyway, geek or goon I don't mind, I just love getting my little folder and books out and pretending to be a student again.

I wear my glasses and rucksack with pride as I march off down the road on a Thursday. I even asked for extra homework last week. That's how much my geekiness took a hold of me. I love it.

In the morning class we are studying Twelfth Night, which is one of my favourite plays, and in the afternoon we're looking at Baths social history and literature. Its all through the W.E.A which I know I've mentioned before, and is a really top banana organisation.

I'm still the youngest member of each class. And some of the older members do continue to look down their noses at me on occasion. But it doesn't bother me anymore. At least I don't have grey hair and I don't smell of wee. Oh does that sound mean? Maybe. Nothing against the grey haired generation, just don't like posh old women being mean to me, probably brings back bad memories of when I was working...

Anyway, what I do really like is using my noggin. My brain. The lump of stuff on top of my neck. I worry that it's turning to jelly, and needs to be stretched a bit more. I don't want anymore brain cells dying. I remember someone telling me  that every time you drink alcohol you lose 10 brain cells...not sure if it's true, but it scared me anyway..I think I heard a similar rumour about every time you bang your head some of your brain cells fall out..and I bang my head whilst drinking alcohol A LOT, so I should really start being more careful. Hence the reason for the courses! Ha. It all balances out I'm sure...

I also really miss being a student. And not because I want to be 19 again and do some crazy drinking challenges, but because I miss learning. I love discovering new things, it gives me such a buzz. I miss writing essays and being challenged. Insert big sigh here. Dare I admit that I even sat on a patch of the University of Bristol's lawn today in an attempt to feel like a scholar again? Insert another big sigh.

I'm sounding a bit like a loser now.

But I guess we all have stuff that presses our buttons and gets us excited.

And here is a photo purely for your entertainment of me sporting some vaguely hilarious geek chic glasses...


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