Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Unsettled and uncomfortable.

 ...These are not very good 'uns'. But its the way I'm feeling tonight....

 ...Also feeling like I may throw up in a minute...I know I need to eat, but its so hard...

Anyway, starting to wonder now if there are any good 'uns'?

Unhappy, uninterested...a couple more that suit my mood.

 What else is there? Unable? Yep, I've felt like that quite a lot today. Which is a particularly annoying and frustrating feeling. Reminds me of my failings and inability to do normal stuff. Ugh.

Mm lets think of more... unattractive... Oh yes that's a good one for me too, with my crazy bird like hair and sallow skin.

Uncertain, unclear. Yes and yes again.

I promise I'm trying to think of positive 'un' words. But I just don't think they exist.



  1. Unbreakable, unerring, unstoppable!

  2. thank u sneaky anonymous :-p x