Monday, 7 May 2012

funny random sooz brain

Why I even attempt to write this when I'm tired baffles me. Yet I keep on doing it. I keep writing about how sleepy I am, and how I'm spurting out quite a lot of drivel. Ah well. Maybe I'm just a fan of repetition...Or maybe I just never learn my lessons. Hmm. Don't like that sentence actually...Because it might just be true..Ooo scary thought...And making me think that I do always make the same mistakes. Urgh. Its becuase I always fail. I start things and dont finish them. Or I just cant do them in the first place. Argh dont like these thoughts, go away... Lets change them QUICK....!!!

I was thinking I should put some pics up on here actually...not tonight though, but soon I will. Just to prove to everyone that I have got out of the house, out of my grey hoody and SMILED! Yeah. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it black dog.

Talking of smoking....I still havent attempted giving up. I've thought about it. But it just doesn't seem like a fun task. More like a stressful pulling out my hair kind of task. Maybe next year....

Oh I want to listen to a really amazing song...

Oh I'm in a crazy mood tonight......!


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