Wednesday, 16 May 2012

discovering my ninja powers

Massive neglect of the blog. Whoops.

Well, maybe I'm being a little critical of myself (just for a change...) I only missed out yesterday after all.

And was Tuesday 15th May different from any other day in my dull life? Nope. I spent most of it in bed. Another whoops. I really didn't mean to sleep for 12 hours. Honestly. The bed kidnapped me and I was practically forced to sleep....Black dog forced me.

He's been in control a lot recently. Just haven't had the energy to fight him. He barks in the morning. Telling me not to bother getting up. That I'm worthless. He barks when I get dressed. Telling me I look shit in everything. He barks when I go to my literature class. Telling me not to offer my comments or suggestions, that nothing I have to say is worth listening to.


I really need to get away from him. I need a break from his barking, its driving me crazy.

OOO which reminds me, I have an exciting weekend coming up. My favourite girls are coming to stay, and they are just ACE at chasing the black dog away. They're like my anti black dog protection unit. Armed with tasty snacks, hugs, laughter and wine (of course..!) Oh yes. Susie is starting to get excited!

Kapow! Karate chop! Take that black dog, I am busting you with my ninja moves now.


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