Monday, 14 May 2012

dawsons geek

Listening to a dreary love song circa 1995 reminiscent of Dawson's creek era, probably isn't the best of ideas. In fact anything to do with Dawson's creek is a bad idea really. Someone should confiscate my stash of DVDs, because I don't think they're improving my mood.

Wallowing in melodrama is a repetitive theme down at the creek. What with love triangles, hurricane force storms (yes really, Pacey nearly died!) and Dawson's obsession with, oh everything dreary, I should stop watching it. But I don't. I get sucked in.

I understand Paceys insecurity, and his fear of failing. I like the fact that Andi is on anti depressants too (although she's gone to Italy for a mini break at present, damn her.) I like it that everyone is wearing slightly odd clothes and out of date hairstyles. No-one is tanned or perfect looking, in fact, some of them look a little odd (eg...Dawson..) Every conversation within relationships is analysed and taken apart piece by piece. This makes me feel less crazy, because that's what I do!

Oh its all just too good, honestly. It is.

 Or maybe, maybe, I am just stuck in the past. Watching programmes that remind me of a time in my life that I was happy. Content. Torturing myself in the knowledge that I can't get back to that place.


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  1. I have similar feelings about One Tree Hill,
    that melodramatic cheese but at the same time deeply absorbing effect that tv dramas can have hey?!
    Think you're right to question whether they're holding you back in the past, sensible to reflect on the stuff the black dog likes to play with...
    Take care,