Friday, 11 May 2012

beaky sooz

Feeling a bit beaky this evening.

And for those of you not familiar with the word beaky, it doesn't mean I've temporarily turned into a duck. I'm just a bit achy and tired. Want to nest in my bed with a hot water bottle and something to cuddle.

Unfortunately it has to be something and not someone. But never mind. I may be 26 but I still have a good stash of teddy bears...

Perhaps watch a comforting DVD and put my dressing gown on. Drink some warm lemon squash and have a bubble bath.

Oh dear I'm sounding terribly granny-ish... Not good. Someone take me to a rave and pierce my belly button quick, before I get trapped in old lady land.

But its been a strange old week, and I don't feel very settled. I still haven't got back into my routine. And I do love my routine. Change does not suit my poorly brain. Also, I think I may have pushed myself so much last weekend that its just sapped all my energy up. Which is rather annoying. Its so frustrating when I push myself, manage to achieve something, but then have a huge dip afterwards. Very frustrating.


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