Wednesday, 25 April 2012


In an attempt to distract my 3 year old nephew from his repetitive questioning, I decided on broaching the subject of religion (I like to take his mind on a different intellectual journey from IgglePiggle).This will take his mind off asking for a snack I thought, as I proceeded to ask him what happened at Easter, "Jesus came alive!" he replied. "And what happened next?" I asked, "Everyone was very very happy!"

Well, I couldn't argue with that, and began to realise that this may be a shorter discussion than I had hoped for.

 So, I took a different path. "Can you tell me the Christmas story then Joshua?" Aha, I was met with a pensive stare, I could see him searching through his memory box...this may take a while...

"Santa comes!" he finally grinned at me. "Yes Joshua, thats right. But can you tell me what happened in the stable?" Another rub of the chin and shake of the head. "Who arrived with Mary and Joseph, can you remember?" I could tell he was really thinking about this one. And suddenly, he told me, "The Beekeeper!!"

Fits of giggles followed.

Love my nephew.


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